Telecom Industry

This industry is the best example of the integration of computer technology (CT) in their product and services offerings.

With the adaptation of CT the industry was able to offer competitive pricing for their products, while at the same time extending their services with new innovative products.

The scope of Mobile Networks is nearly surpassing the previous telecom capabilities and service levels, created in a short period of time.

New internet based products, based on Voice Over Internet Protocols (VOIP), are surfacing the market and will dictate another technology revolution in this industry.

With all these changes the computing capacity / volume of transaction within this industry has sky-rocketed.

Large data-centric applications are being used to support the many new products / services.

We have been able to capture this trend in an early stage, and started to actively support this industry in the various stages of development.

Developing / Supporting Operational systems, Billing applications,
Assets applications have been on the forefront of our services.