Technology Foundations

With the ever increasing choice of software & hardware platforms, to make the right choice for application foundations is crutical.

This choice manifest itself in the ease of maintaning applications, the related costs and the availability of sufficient resources for a timely implementation / maintenance.

As many organizations have experienced these factors, new technology horizons have to be dealt with to remain up-to-date in the ever increasing features electonics are offering.

We embrace solid / mostly proven directions in our solutions.

In software terms these are the following platforms:

1) Servers including IBM Mainframe (Z-series), IBM Midframes (iSeries / OS-series), SUN Microsystems (Solaris), Microsoft Windows, Hewlett Packard Unix, Multiple Linux versions (RedHat, Novell, Suse)

2) Desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Series)

3) Mobile Platforms (Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm)

A carefull selection of the additional software layers is another important factor. The range of new open software platforms requires carefull evaluation before spending $ and time on new application / integration developments.

Our wide range of expertise and hidden toolsets (Specialized / customized parsers) allows us to proceed with program/project implementation in a cost effective manner.