Oracle EBS Certification


After selecting and implementing the Oracle EBS software, organizations spend often years to learn and use the features the software. Frequently software enhancements need to be designed and implemented to comply with local business- and legal requirements.

From a technology perspective the way these software enhancements needs to be designed and implemented using a specific framework, to continue the use of the standard functions the software provides. This framework also guarantees that software updates, as provided by Oracle on a regular basis, can be applied without any disruption of the standard application functionalities.

The software amendments are often designed and implemented by a rotating engineering staff, assigned from different technology pools. The most common aspects of these engineering staffs are the constant change in staff for technology or economic reasons. Therefore in-dept knowledge of the specifics may vary.

Engineers performing the implementation of these software enhancements may use short-cuts, outside the recommended framework, to deliver the required software functionalities. Oracle software upgrades may not work after these shortcuts because of potential conflicts in the source-code / database definitions.


To ensure proper implementation and maintenance of the installed EBS systems, we recommend a certification process. The certification process validates if all software enhancements are made within the frameworks applicable.

It scans all of the installed EBS source code and compares this with the standard oracle software functions and the framework designed for the suite of modules in use.

This process analysis that:

a)      Oracle upgrades can be applied without any delay and therefore retains it quality

b)      Common functions of the EBS installation can be upgraded using the standard upgrade procedures resulting in the lowest implementation costs

c)      Incremental functionalities can be tested against the upgraded standard EBS installation.

CERTIFICATION aims to improves the quality of the EBS installation and reduces the costs of maintaining / updating the software,

We perform certification as a service on-site and off-site with our unique toolset.

Our services provide a report describing:

a)      State of the EBS installation

b)      Special enhancements / functions implemented.

c)      Deviations from the recommended templates

d)      Recommendations

The first certification process requires extensive preparation and analysis and can take up to 2 weeks. Additional checks can be done in 2 days.