Using an ERP Systems or not....

Many organizations have to ask themselves this question.

Management services offered by actual ERP systems are impressive, the range of software functionalities are great, license costs can be negotiated, high quality software is required because of new external dimentions, internal IT staff is scarce and costly, time to deliver new services is long. This list is incomplete but very long for all factors are to be considered when evaluation is done before deciding on an upgrade or a major additional software investments.

So in many situations not only the IT staff but company managment is making an intuitive decision for the use of ERP driven software modules, or in house developments.

Our consultant have seen both sides of the coin and came to the conclusion that one have to remain open to both approaches in the final decision for new software investments.

A primary issue however remains for these organizations; will the new IT infra-structure offer the organization the flexibility to withstand / support the business for the next 3 years.

If not... a re-think of IT-choises are required and appropriate measures needs to take place.

Old systems do need from time to time to be renovated or...... thrown away. Because of complexity and uncertainty, people are affraid of such radical decisions but old IT-architectures can often not be maintained without major negative consequences for the business.

With our expert team we can help you to make the right decisions for your future. Our services do offer the complete spectrum from one set of integrated technology platforms. In that context we consider the service factor over the application life-cycle a far more important factor than the license cost of software.

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