Information Technology Modernization

Having the right IT - Architecture is essential for companies to respond quickly to the latest market conditions in their particular branch of industry.

For many companies which do already have an existing structure, this means modernization to get their technologies up-to-date!!

The process to Modernize involves many different aspects, which should be concluded in a very short time-frame to be effective. The use of the appropriate management- and computer- tools is therefore essential to the ultimate success of these type of programs.

Through our experience we have recognized two major Modernization approaches:

a) Functional Modernization

b) Technical Modernization.

In the functional Modernization the underlying software structure code will change completely, and will be brought in line with the new Functional specs.

In the technical Modernization the fundamental software structures remain unchanged, but the actual code will be transferred to new software layers. (e.g. PL/1 to C++)

For each of these approaches a detailed analysis should be concluded for a final recommendation. (Cost / Effectiveness / Maintainability of software etc.)

Technology Transformation

Technology transformation has been a part in our services portfolio. Diamond Concepts developed tools in support of these type of services.

These projects have been in the following technology areas:

a) IBM Mainframe environments (JCL, Cobol, PL/1, Assembler, DB2)

b) IBM Midframes (CL, DB2, RPG, Cobol)

c) HP platforms (UNIX, VMS, Fortran, C, C++)

For transformation projects, Diamond Concepts build special x-compilers to aid these processes.

If you are interested in this service, pls sent us your request detailing your requirements.

Our product set has been a result of these programs. For more details go to our PRODUCTS section