IT Infra-structure Design

Having the proper tools to update / maintain software is known to be a critical aspect for Software Design and Maintenance.

When applications are being created these tools get locked in place for the application life cycle because of the dependencies on the hardware / software layers. The high costs of moving Business Logic code to new software platforms is prohibitive.

The link between the various software layers used in an application can, over time become difficult to maintain while these indiviual software layers often have different release updates with related changes.

Being able to visualize the code and the links between source-code logic, Data structures and DataFlows is an enormous support for the staff responsible for the application maintenance. Also from these visualizations one could easily extract and maintain Business Processes.

We have now tools available in support of our Modernization program which visualize existing legacy IT - Infra-structures. This includes IBM Mainframes and a large variety of Unix based servers.