Financial Industry


Succes in this industry has to a large extend, become dependent on a reliable and qualified IT infrastructure.

The large quantity of transactions financial institutions (stock-exchanges, banks & insurance companies) have to process on a daily basis, made these organizations very demanding IT users.

Considering the financial impact of any change in their processes, with sub-sequent application changes, made these organizations requiring a high level of quality for both Products and Services.

We have recognized these factors in our service level agreements and are very carefull in reviewing each project on the specific requirements for this industry.

With our expert teams we have been involved in succesfull delivery of systems for:

a) Retail / Commercial banking

b) Private Banking

c) Financial Leasing

d) Insurance Business (Accident & Life)

Using professional tools & methods DC delivered through our expert teams core systems, enabling large volumes of transactions in a controlled environment. Futher details are available upon request.