Design Extraction / Business Process Design


The first step in any IT modernization process is to understand the actual & present user requirements.

The user requirements are documented in a set of business processes, which are related to cross - organizational functionalities and to the specific industry the organization is operating in.

Often ERP systems offers a wide variety of standard templates of re-occurring business processes to select from. However they often lack the specific industry related business process and the link between these with cross functional processes.

Medium to large scale organizations therefore developed their own applications giving them a competative edge in their industry.

Existing Business Processes

Given the importance of the available business processes in use, it is important to have an accurate inventory of the existing Business Processes and those supported by the present IT-Infrastructure.

This allows for a proper review of the IT appllication functionalities to:

a) identify proces-improvements programs

b) IT-Architectural issues and required improvements.

Diamond Concepts has available a wide range of tools and methodologies to perform these analysis to produce a set of documents representing the Existing Business Processes.

From this analysis, plans can be developed in collaboration with delegates of the User-Communities and the IT staff for organizational efficiency improvement. The regular company approval process will than apply for acceptance / implementation of these plans.