Data Centric Applications

It is commonly known that critical enterprise applications are DataCentric by nature.

Modernization of these applications should start with a plan to migrate from the existing Data Structures to a Data Structure supporting a revised IT Infrastructure.

New IT Infra-structures requires a rethink of all aspects of the IT development and deployment environments. Web-Enabling / Cloud computing / Mobile computing are all relative new aspects for existing IT Infra-structures. Public vs Private Cloud computing needs to be considered with the choice of outsourcing or in-house computing. After all these selection criteria are concluded the costs /benefits factor will play a determinating factor in the final choice.

Making the transition from the existing platforms to the new IT Infro-strustructures can be a complex task, since the user community are used to have a large range of processes and related data available in the existing software.

For the new environment, alternative way's of data collection and displaying this data needs to be adressed in the migration process. As a result old and/or redundant data and views / reports can be discarded.

This process is also known as the cleaning process. External organizations, with Industry- and the Technology- knowledge is recommended to support this process.

Diamond Concepts has expertise for the Telecom and Financial Industries. Next to their Industry knowledge are our consultants supported by a network of knowledge ranging from classical IBM mainframe / Midframe, to Unix and Windows platforms.