Business Process Analysis

As part of IT Modernization activities a proper Business Process design is crucial for the future success of a modified or new Business- and Information Technology infra-structure.

The start of such activities always contains analysis of existing Business Processes and related IT tools to ensure continuity of existing business.

Where in the past most of these Business Process rules were baked in the application logic developed and used by a company over years, many of these rules are now also contained in auxillary add/on applications. (e.g. office automation documents & tools). So in order to have a  inventory of these rules, organizations now have to include a multitude of different databases, programs and documents for a complete view of existing Business Processes.

A toolset combining BPM and DCM.

Our unique capability to combine Business Process Management (BPM) and Document Management (DCM) analysis provides advantage over tools which focus on legacy Application logic only.